Say Cheese

The scenery is flat and made out of cardboard, intrusive projections, enveloped by sound and an actress who has outgrown the stage. A melodramatic tale of staging yourself and your surroundings, of being a modern sociological phenomenon: An extraordinarilly flexible human being – and the secret life behind the scenes. Say Cheese! consists of raw, intense and revealing images on the many struggles we go through to achieve the perfect picture. The show takes place in an old-world toy theater with hand-painted perspective scenery and flat puppets, where contemporary multimedia techniques create a virus distorting reality.


  • Age: 13 years and up
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Stage: W 8m x H 3,5m x D 14 (incl. audience)
  • Seats: max 75
  • Dark Curtains: Absolutely necessary
  • (DK) Pris inkl. moms: (DK) 12.500 kr
  • (DK) Refusion: (DK) godkendt
  • (DK) Opstilling: (DK) 3 timer
  • Actors: Katrine Karlsen & Sissel Romme Christensen


  • Onn stage: Helene Høm, Henriette Årup og Sissel Romme Christensen
  • Idea: Graense-loes
  • Artistic consultan: Steen Haugesen
  • Dramaturgy consultant: Jette Lund
  • Stage manager: Steen Molls Rasmussen
  • Sound: Chr. Viktor Rasmussen/
  • Technique, programming & video: Sissel Romme Christensen & Fubbi Karlson
  • Poster & Flyer: Spild af Tid
  • : i samarbejde med alle medvirkende.
  • Thanks: Kulturværftet i Helsingør Copenhagnen Puppet Festival og Baghold.