A noisy theater performance with 50 flashing microphones, three actors in front of a cracked rear wall and a very intimate live camera. A number zapping scenes with thoughts and feelings, you can not get rid of. With devices that make noise, phones ringing and loud sounds from one’s own body. From samba parades, shopping centers, neighbor quarrels and a squeaky thermos. And NOISYNESS from everything that you have to reach to doo and do not get done.



    • Idea: Dirck Backer
    • Actress: Maria Myrgård
    • Actress: Katrine Karlsen
    • Actor: Thomas Danielsen
    • Director: Leiv Arne Kjølmoen
    • Stagedesign and media: Sissel Romme Christensen
    • : My Lambertsen
    • Consultant: Carl Emil Carselsen
    • Tecknikal programmer: Fubbi Karlsson