Life In Between

A theatrical audio play in surround sound. // Life stories and live sounds.

”I’m 16 and I’m still placed at the children’s table. I’ve got ice cream in my hair and soda on my dress. My uncle Jimmy stares at my breasts and tells me I’m getting a big girl. I wish I were dead.”

Imagine it was possible to close your eyes and listen to life from the perspective of adolescence: It’s the sound of uncertainty and questions. You’re cornered by impressions, expectations and obligations, while struggling to get a hold of your own sense of self. What would that sound like?

LIFE IN BETWEEN is a groundbreaking performance that is as visually simplistic as its sounds are enormous.

The stage is mostly kept in the dark. And hurling the sounds of life at the audience, two actors take turns to interact with speakers and cables and sound equipment and each other in a way you have never seen nor heard before.

It’s beautiful and monstrous. It’s a celebration of life, whatever that is.

LIFE IN BETWEEN is awarded “Best Performance for Young Adults 2010” by the Danish Arts Foundation.


  • Age: 13 years and up
  • Duration: 75 minutes
  • Stage: W 12m x H 4m x D 5m
  • Seats: Max 75
  • Dark Curtains: Absolutely necessary
  • Language: Danish with English subtitles
  • (DK) Pris inkl. moms: (DK) 11.250 kr. ved 80 tilskuere
  • (DK) Refusion: (DK) godkendt
  • (DK) Turnéperiode: (DK) efter aftale
  • (DK) Opstilling: (DK) 3 timer
  • Actors: Katrine Karlsen & Chr. Viktor Rasmussen


  • Idea: Katrine Karljavascript:;sen
  • Sound: Chr. Viktor Rasmussen/
  • Words: Caspar Haarløv
  • Light: Carina Persson
  • Directors: Catherine Poher og Steen Haugesen
  • Dramaturgy: Jette Lund
  • Scenography: Sissel Romme Christensen
  • Producer: Signe Allerup/Sceneproducenterne
  • Poster & Flyer: Mathilde Manz/Spild af Tid
  • Photography: Camilla Schiøler
  • PR film: Casper Joel/Monitor Film
  • Thank you: Ole Lillelund, Mogens Norn, Dagmar Rasmussen, Inger Langberg, Jytte Olsen og Edith Hjetting Møller/Plejebo på Saxogade og Kristian Pedersen/Dark Cosmology Centre, Niels Bohr Institutet.
Samt: Bæver Henrik, ”Hans”, Kathe Greibe, Pernille Nielsen, Sille Heltoft, Hans Lund, Annemette Allerup, OBERST, Batida, Baghold, US og Københavns Musikteater.