Katrine Karlsen is an educated contemporary stageartist/ actress from the Norwegian Visual Theatre Academy in 2004. Previous to her acting education she was trained as a puppetier and puppet-builder and later studied dramaturgy at the Copenhagen University.

Shortly after her graduation she founded GRAENSE-LOES: a project-based art & theatre productioncompagny where she work as the artistic leader – in close collarboration with stagedesigner Sissel Romme Christensen www.sisselromme.dk

Katrine Karlsen also work as a freelance actress and stage designer at several other theaters.

Besides managing GRAENSE-LOES Katrine is a boardmember of the art-political union “Indepented Artists” (uafhængige scenekunstnere www.scenekunstnere.dk) and a representative in the colloraborative union “Council of New Stage Art” (Fællesråd for Ny Scenekunst www.nyscenekunst.dk). She is also a “test-user” in the newly (and still under construction) international art netbase the Prambase www.prambase.org and does actively support the philosophy of OpenSourceTheater www.opensourcetheater.org

In addition to her acting education she has given courses in animation, objecttheatre, conceptual thinking in new media, site specific theatre etc. In January 2008 she managed UNIMAS international masterclass held in Denmark for young professional puppetiers and in March GRAENSE-LOES gave another workshop in “New Media in contemporary puppettheatre” in Mexico City.