• Actress: Katrine Karlsen
    • Teck on stage: Sissel Romme Christensen
    • Teck on stage: Pernille Lehnert
    • Composer: Andreas Busk


    The meeting with the childs own creative power and the playful creation process is at the heart of FantasiRum.
    80 children aged 4-6 years create a fantastic space installation in 4 weeks, which is inhabited by the children themselves. The “fantasy-room” is created from the children’s own stories, own experiences and stories.
    Pernille Nedergaard Haugesen
    Sissel Romme Christensen
    Dorte Holbek
    Steen Nedergaard Haugesen

    The Project is shown at Anemonen the 23 og june at 12.30 pm.
    The project is displayed in collaboration with the Anemone.
    The project is supported by the Artist-inHouse-founding and the Interior City Local Committee

    It´s All My fault Workshop


    It´s All My Fault Workshop

    Workshoppen blev udviklet i sommeren 2016 til at følge GRAENSE-LOES forestilling af samme navn.
    Workshoppen var en uges varighed for hver klasse og seks 7 og 8 klasser fik muligheden for at deltage. Vi var ude på skolerne i oktober November 2016
    Sissel Romme Christensen, Scenograf
    Mads Mauritz, Sangskriver
    Steen Haugesen, Instruktør

    Project for young teens in the scenogrphy of It´s All My Fault

    GRAENSE-LOES is making a 6 week period of workshops for teens on the schools of Nørrebro in Copenhagen.

    It´s All My Fault at the Childrensfestival

    Our new show, It´s All My Fault plays on the childrenfestival at Fredriksberg in Copenhagen Friday the 15 of April at 14.15 and 19.15. Adress: The school at Nyelandsvej

    It´s All My Fault

    I hovedet på en teenager-anmeldelse

    Monna Dithmer Politikken

    ‘It’s All My Fault’ unfolds between microcosm and macrocosm , from the bathroom mirror to the infinite skies .
    In a world of over-consumption, climate disasters and technological wonders can it be full of paradox and questions to grow up. The show has it startingpoint in the teenager’s satellite state between attached and detached, and dissects life’s big and small issues on a planet that spin so fast that one almost fall off



      • : Piet Gitz-Johansen, My Lambertsen
      • : Emil Henrik Christiansen
      • : Sissel Romme Christensen
      • : Pernille Lehnert, Andrea Lindeneg
      • : Adelaide Bentzon
      • : Jette Lund
      • : Carina Persson
      • : Casper Haarløv
      • : Andreas Busk
      • : Sofie Birch
      • : Catherine Poher
      • : Karen Toftegaard ApS